There are a lot of aggressive people. But then, the world is currently aggressive. Maybe it always has been. I don’t know, but I don’t believe it needs to be. I believe there is a way to exude power – to stand firm, to recognize opportunities to expand – without being an aggressor. And maybe that wouldn’t eliminate aggression altogether, but it would alter one’s personal experience either way. Because all your experience is, really, is the way you perceive the world.

Imagine a field of warriors. They are being attacked on the outside. They huddle into a circle, each facing outward, row by row. Who holds the ground in the middle? Is the group comprised solely of warriors? Is it one person or a group of people? Are there females and children? What are they doing? Are they actively fighting?

Can you consider this may have actually happened in the past? It’s possible, right? That a field of warriors were attacked and the ones who survived were the group in the middle? What strength would that provide a spirit? I would think great strength, but maybe that’s just me. And I would also think physically being in the space would provide an even greater strength. Reconnecting one’s soul memory with the energetic memory encoded into a sacred land? Sounds powerful.

What energy would those people, their ancesors or anyone else exude in a space such as this? Would they be angry? Would they be peaceful? Maybe a mixture of both. Would they want to fight? Perhaps. Would they? Some probably would.

Life exists in layers. As the veil begins to lift in preparation for All Hollows’ Eve and All Saints’ Day, everything becomes clearer. Offer peace to the ghosts of your past and deceased ancestors. Allow them to find rest. And be open, so as those dense patterns of energies begin to lift with the fog, you can recognize more fully who you truly are.