About Me

The natural world is alive and constantly communicating with anoyone who pays attention. This is what I call the language of divinity. Here, you’ll find stories of what the divine has taught me about life and how I’ve been guided to share this with others.

I get a lot of information through nature, my relationships with loved ones who have passed and my ancestors, who first began communicating with me at a young age (more on that here). I am primarily clairsentient and clairaudient, though I am also clairvoyant, claircognizant and a medium. I enjoy nature, animals, music, dancing, meditating, reading, spending time with loved ones, laughing and travelling. I began studying and working with chakras and kundalini energy in 2007, after recalling a past life in Siberia. This inspired me to start studying shamanism, and ultimately led to me meeting and learning various healing techniques from a curandero, including how to journey and provide reiki treatments. I am reiki attuned through the Usui tradition, with Laughing Coyote, Santa Muerta and Quetzalcoatl.

I currently reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by way of Rhode Island and central Pennsylvania. Most of my personal and professional experiences have provided me opportunities to hold a healing space amid challenging energetic patterns.

  • Personally, I have worked to receive the blessings of my family lines, childhood trauma and past-life karma. Doing this has included recognizing with each challenge comes a blessing.
  • I’ve dedicated well over a decade of my professional life to supporting individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as brain injury survivors, including people who are medically fragile and/or exhibit severe behavioral challenges. Every experience we have provides an opportunity to grow, and my work in this field has blessed me with some of the most beautiful insights into the nature of the human soul.

I invite you to look more deeply into your experience of yourself, your relations and the greater world. We are all creators and we are all truly magnificent beings. All we have to do is acknowledge ourselves, accept where we are, believe we have something unique to offer (we do!) and allow ourselves to express the divine essence of our being.

If you’re interested in working with me for personal inner growth, please take a look at my Offerings page to explore the services I provide.