A Snail’s Pace

I’m an Aries Sun with Gemini rising and moon.  Astrology says what it says, but I’ll describe that (today, at least) as being singularly focused on the project at hand, but also easily distracted.  I like to explore, but I get bored easily.  (In fact, when I was in elementary school, I created a “Bored People’s Activity Book” with a bunch of different arts and crafts projects and puzzles, etc.  I might have thrown it out at some point, like, “That was cute that I did that, but I don’t need it anymore.”)

I understand too much about the astral world and the nature of how the shadow influences people to feel comfortable sharing the date, time and location of my birth publicly.  (It’s an open invitation for anyone who delves into certain aspects of life and wishes to exert undue influence over others, so I prefer to keep that information exclusive to a select few.  It really shouldn’t be anyone else’s concern, anyway, but I’m just saying, not everyone’s intentions are pure.  And no worries — if you sense someone is exerting an undue influence over your energy, you could talk to a shaman about remedying the situation.)

Okay, now back to my point.  Well, that was a point too.  So, back to my original point.  (See what I mean about the singular focus with an abundance of distractions?  I’m not even all that gung-ho on astrology, but I’m curious enough to notice.  Brief detour: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gung_ho)

… Breath. …

All in all, I have five retrograde planets.  The first three of which are in Scorpio, the sign of transformation.  Retrograde planets are planets that “appear” to be moving backward based on our point of view of their transit, though they are not actually moving backward. People with retrograde planets are said to process things internally before expressing them outwardly.  Most people are familiar with this in regard to Mercury retrograde, where people are advised to be cautious with their communication.  But expression in the sense I’m using it is not exclusive to speech.

So — are you ready? — I’ve got Pluto retrograde leading the charge (in its natural planet of Scorpio), followed by Saturn and Mars, also in Scorpio.  Pluto rules transformation, Saturn rules responsibility and Mars rules action.

Needless to say, I can be quite intense, but only on the inside.  Which, I’ve got to be honest, is somewhat of a relief.  It’s hard enough for me to handle and I’ve been living with it my whole life.

Anyway, this is part of what I’m doing here.  Transforming, intentionally.  Holding myself accountable — having discipline, going through the full process, not cutting corners — following my Uncle Charlie’s advice (here: https://thelanguageofdivinity.com/2022/02/21/the-right-way/).  And taking purposeful action — understanding the flow of my own energy internally prior to directing it outwardly.  I’ve never considered all this before, so I’m glad I started writing about it.  (I actually wrote the start of this two nights ago, but gave myself time to process it first before finishing.  Are you surprised?)

“With these powers combined”, I move at a snail’s pace.