Everything is Medicine

Everything is medicine. If you perceive it that way.

I was chatting with a friend this weekend about God and demons. She said about how demons are disconnected from God’s light. I’ve been pondering that and find it interesting to think about. How demons are attracted to light because they are trying to get back into God’s favor, and God’s favor is the light. God Himself, though I personally don’t consider God to be a figurehead, is the light. So they’re attracted to those who are connected to God, to the light. Not necessarily to cause harm, but as a moth to a flame.

You must know demons can only come in as far as your light is shining; so, if they’re coming to you, if they’re affecting you, it’s because you have a void inside — a part of yourself you are not owning. Perhaps you’ve been hurt, perhaps you are ashamed, perhaps you are afraid: there are any number of reasons you might reject yourself. In their search for light, it is this absence of light that attracts them. The simple act of channeling light overcomes this darkness, naturally. To “conquer” a demon, to deter it from “attaching” to you (being attracted to you) it is crucial to reclaim your subtle energy fields, to own your space, to use your chakras with intention: your connection to the Divine, your mind, your perception, your communication, your emotions, your passion, your creativity, your goundedness. (More on subtle bodies here: http://www.qiionline.org/energetic-body/)

My friend also said about how not everything portrays itself as it truly is. The concept of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t know much about sheep and whether or not they would be able to tell if a wolf was pretending, but it’s true: not everything portrays itself as it truly is.

And it is still medicine. (Medicine being light.) If you perceive it that way.

And you might ask, “How is a demon medicine?” And I would say, “Because the demon offers an opportunity to see through delusion and bring in more light.”