Current Offerings

  • Past Life Reading – $90: As souls, we choose to incarnate to learn specific lessons. In this 90-minute reading, we will tap into a past life version of you to gain clarity about how your experiences then affect you now. My goal is help you clarify a past life experience that may be either blocking or contributing to your authenticity. This reading includes two different tarot spreads: (1) will delve into a past life lesson that you intended to bring into this life and (2) will provide insight into who you were in that past life. In this reading, I work with a dear friend of mine who passed and who helps facilitate connections and expand high-vibe energy.
  • Ancestral / Healing the Bloodlines – $60: In this 60-minute reading, we will explore ancestral patterns. When we are born into families with challenging vibrational patterns — whether we exhibit them ourselves or not — they take space in our energy fields and often block our ability to express our own authenticity. To truly integrate the wisdom of our ancestors, we must understand their struggles. Most people, myself included, have been influenced by issues ranging from sensitivity to addiction, patience to violence, independence to narcissism, stability to mental illness, joy to depression, encouragement to jealousy, acceptance to apathy, and so on. The goal of this reading is to help you understand and find balance in your life. My great-grandmother will help in this reading. She has an eagle eye and is no-holds-barred; so be prepared for clear, direct messages.
  • Aura Clearing – $30: In this 30-minute offering, I will call in the four directions to provide a sacred space and invite benevolent spirits to provide guidance on how to clear foreign energies in your aura. Depending on the information received, smudging, an egg limpia, crystal placements and/or reiki may be used to help clear these energies from your aura to prevent them from influencing your ability to give and/or receive. As we all tend to revert back to prior tendencies, this offering includes interpreting messages to help you identify specific chakra issues and strengthen boundaries that allowed these energetic attachments in the first place.
  • Life Purpose Reading – $30: This 30-minute reading will provide insight into your intentions for incarnating in this life, on the personal level, familial/community level and the global level. In this reading, I will ask your Higher Self for guidance.
  • “Open” – $40: In this 30-minute offering, we will leave the subject open and let your guides decide the divine messages you most need to hear. If you have a specific question you want to focus on, please include that in your booking.
  • Where Am I On My Journey? – $15: This quick 15-minute reading is intended to provide information on your current journey: your recent past, present and near future.
  • Free Introduction – $0: If you’d prefer to get a sense of my energy before booking a service, I am happy to offer a free five-minute introduction to check if you vibe with me as a reader.