Thank you so much for visiting! If you’re here, chances are you’re interested in or are already exploring the world of the divine and your place within it. My own relationship with the natural world and all of its dimensions has transformed my life, as it has led me on a personal journey of healing and growth. Through this, I have not only gained a greater understanding of who I am, but I have learned how to stand in my authenticity. It would be an honor for me to help you achieve the same. Please check out my Offerings page for more information on the methods I’ve used along the way, and am now inspired to share with you.

Sometimes simple is better. Words relay meaning and meaning supersedes language. The following definitions explain my reasoning for the name of this website:

lan • guage (langʹ gwij), n.
2. any system of formalized symbols, signs, etc. used or conceived as a means of communication

di • vin • i • ty (di vinʹ i tē), n.
1. the quality of being divine

di • vine (di vīnʹ), v.i.
8. to perceive by intuition or insight

(from The Random House Dictionary, © 1980)

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