The Grace of the Inner Child

There are few things more rewarding to a soul (overused phrase? is that really true? not sure…) than reconnecting with a childhood friend, from the soul level.

As children, we’re mostly more connected spiritually. As we age (fall?), we become denser, with experience. If we hold on to those experiences. We shouldn’t be – holding on, that is. And we can correct that.

The other day, I was walking in the neighborhood and I reconnected with the spirit of a childhood friend who had passed, and her brother who is still living. It was the most beautiful thing. First: because Krystal has finally made it through her afterlife journey to expressing the purity of her spirit. Second: it was clearing out a potential, an alternate path that was not chosen. And reconnecting the souls. And third: because of the feels. That brings an immediate sense of the emotional lovey-dovey, but it’s love in a different degree. So, how else could I describe that?


It takes me to a grassy yard somewhere by a winding road, outside a farmhouse, less the farm. Through the open window, a white curtain is gently flowing in the breeze. (Am I blowing dandelions?). A place I’m not sure I’ve ever been. But at the same time, where a part of me has always been.

The remembrance of connecting in spirit without the weight of where we are now. Do you still honor that part of yourself? If not, can you remember that you? Because in that recognition, is the ticket to the return. And it’s immediate.

Look at yourself through the eyes of your inner child. Are you mesmerized? Do you recognize yourself? Listen to what you have to say, from the perspective of that little you inside, full of promise. You already have the wisdom, joy and wonder you seek.

Be grateful. And give yourself a little grace. 🙏

Chuck E. Cheese (not the farmhouse from my memory),

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