Becoming Light

Life is a journey.

People close to death or who’ve had near-death experiences speak about a bright light. Mediums, etc. guide lost souls and send energy forms to the light.

I’m exploring this idea tonight.

I said in a prior post I was born into darkness. A more appropriate word would probably be shadow. I was born into a shadow. The world is full of shadows, so this isn’t unique. And I form no judgment about it, either. It is what it is. I believe this was the path I chose when I incarnated. I remember seeing the state of a world in despair, and I remember feeling myself a part of something larger. It was in that place that I formed an intention to spread hope. “I can do it.”

My way of “doing it” has been to look for the brightest path – the brightest future – and walk toward that. To walk toward the light.

Not literally (though I suppose at times I have literally, depending on where the sun was and what direction I was walking), but

This is what I’ve learned:

When you’re on your journey, when you’re walking toward the light, sometimes you walk through shadows. You might be blocked. You might feel resistance. You might feel fear. You might feel powerful. You might feel alone. You might feel supported. Perhaps you begin to recognize patterns. (“Didn’t I do this already?”) Perhaps you notice former versions of yourself. And you stop walking for a moment to sit and explore what it is that is blocking you. Outdated behaviors, imbalanced relationships, a toxic society. And you work through those (internally or externally) to release them. Sometimes it takes a while.

We meet people where we are. We meet people where they are. We are always moving. Energy has a way of not standing still. Even when it is still, it is moving.

As it moves, perhaps you begin to notice former versions of others, the people you meet along your path. You allow them to work through their own releases. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes it leads somewhere else and returns. Sometimes it’s a dead end. Sometimes it’s a bridge. Sometimes the bridge is sturdy. Sometimes it’s not. Bridges require maintenance. Ongoing maintenance.

Time passes as it does – even when you’re present – and it is through time’s passage,
and our passage through time,
that we become who we truly are.

In this same way, we get to know other people for who they truly are.

At a particularly difficult time (a past present, if you will), a former version of myself (an even paster – not an actual word – present) told me to believe. “In what?,” I asked. “Yourself.”

Ahh. I remembered.

“I can do it.”