Stubborn Energy

I’ve been reading this book about the Lemurian diet and how it facilitates ascension.

Eating my breakfast this morning with that in mind, I started pondering.

There’s a common misconception that ascension is a one-time thing, but the process of ascending is a state of constant flux. We encounter barriers, blocks and pitfalls as well as periods of rest.

I was watching a video yesterday on YouTube, and the YouTuber mentioned how it is important to recognize the chaos we feel around us is happening in the universe. We feel it on our level, but it is not ours.

This is something I learned in the past, but I had been smoking a little herb at the time (I’ll be honest), so while I talked about it in the moment with my Uncle Jack, describing how I was seeing the groups of people around us as concentrated energy forms and how I was relating that to the cosmos, and while I shared the experience with a number of confidants, I never fully integrated it.

Yesterday was a necessary reminder.

Personally, I face great internal struggle at times acknowledging I am on a journey. I know I’m on a journey, but I am not always approaching the moments of my life with that awareness. I become frustrated with my imperfections – my inability to hold my authentic presence in the midst of emotional and mental challenges.

I’ve been working pretty diligently lately on healing the traumas I’ve been carrying with me. In truth, this was instigated through an energetic connection that touched the deepest levels of my being, illuminating all of those shadows I had been unable to see myself.

I wonder how much of my falling has to do with still-unhealed trauma (there’s more still!?!), how much of it is an automatic response, how many cycles it will take for me to learn how not to fall into them (oh, come on, I’ve already worked through this, have I not!?!) and what actions I can take to prevent it in the future.

Stubbornly working through my own stubborn energy. It’s a doozy, let me tell you.