The Concept of Performing

It started with me brainstorming what I can offer to the world. I typed, “I can perform space clearing services…”

I then started considering my choice of the word “perform” and reflecting on the concept of a space clearing being a “performance”.


  • Is everything we do a performance? (Are we “performing” every action with some type of intent, at some level of awareness of being? Whether holographic — this idea is hovering around the visual center of our brains — or otherwise?)
  • Would considering everything so be dependent on whether we are alone or with others?
  • What about in the higher realms?
    • Are there higher realms?
    • Are there parts of us that exist in the higher realms?
    • Are we aware of the totality of our spirits?
      • Is that even possible?
      • What exactly are the limitations of our awareness, as humans?
      • Are we capable of pushing too far or are we limited in our expansion to just as far as we can define ourselves — meaning: where the boundary of “us” (or “I”) meets that of “other” — in any given moment?
        • (“Given moment” — where does that come from, etymologically?)
        • Do the questions ever end?
        • Would expansion stop if they did?
        • What other methods of expansion are there? Aside from the mental body?
        • Can we ask questions with other parts of our beings? Are we doing that? How have we trained our minds to “understand” our experience? How does that change as we grow?
        • Do we have defined boundaries? Or are boundaries just a matter of perspective? What level of being are you choosing to perceive? Do we have a choice or is this just indicative of our growth?
    • Assuming there is a higher sense of Self and assuming we are aware of this, could we be “performing” solely for ourselves and our own growth as individual souls?
      • What would be the purpose of doing that?
      • Where would that leave everyone else?
      • Could we still be performing solely for ourselves even if we aren’t aware or don’t accept the notion of a higher sense of Self?
  • How does spirit travel?
    • To be continued…